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         The Polygon Group

         Karim Muhammad | 

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MANAGER (National)

         Arcos Management

        Katt Arcos |

DIRECT CONTACT | 646.207.4462

NEWS 2021

View RJ's resume by clicking the image below.

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  • Ongoing studies with John Dapolito '22 and Glenn Morshower '21.

  • Currently in Development with the TV series The Shipment.

  • The Cage official selection in 3 Festivals. 

  • Signed with The Polygon Group May 2021.

  • Repped by BMG Talent (NY) June 2021.

  • Currently filming the Short Film Confusion May 2021.

  • 'Two Out-Of-Work Actors' Official Selection in 21 Festivals winning 9 Best Comedy Awards and 1 Best Ensemble Award.

  • Recently studied with Gerry Grennell from Bow Street Ireland.

  • Recently completed Rick Seaman's Stunt Driving Level 1. 


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